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Defamation Solicitor Dublin

Defamation and Privacy

We provide specialist advice in this area and represent clients in defamation and privacy actions. To discuss your case contact the office of Maura Hurley Solicitors on +353-1-526-6723 or click here to email 

We act for individuals and corporates who are the subject of inaccurate media coverage which has resulted in harm to the individual or corporates.

We successfully advise and represent our clients in the following areas:

  •   Good name and reputation management for individuals, companies and organisations
  •   Advice upon constitutional rights including good name and reputation in defamation cases and a right to a fair trial in contempt proceedings
  •   Contempt
  •   Privacy law upon media intrusion

Defamation & Slander

Defamatory allegations are made more often now than ever before, particularly with the advent of internet chatrooms and of e-mails. If you or your business have been the victim of defamation, or are defending a claim of defamation, we can help.

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Experience in Defamation & Slander

Our firm specialises in:

  •   Libel
  •   Slander
  •   Malicious falsehood
  •   Pre-publication advice

In relation to statements made in:

  •   Newspaper and magazine articles
  •   Television and radio broadcasts


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