Drink driving / DUI & Road Traffic Offences

Drink driving / DUI

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The prosecution of a Drink Driving Offence commences in the District Court, we would suggest that, once you have received a Charge Sheet or a Summons for an offence, that you contact our office immediately to arrange a consultation with a Solicitor. If you have been Disqualified, you may apply to the District Court for an early restoration of your licence. You may only apply where you have received a disqualification that is more than 2 years. The District Court may hear an application for an early restoration after you has served ½ of their disqualification period and the Court may order the restoration of the licence after you have completed 2/3rds of the Disqualification period. Penalties on conviction for drink driving will vary depending on the amount of alcohol that has been detected in your system.

Since 2006, mandatory breath testing is permitted by members of the Garda under the Road Traffic Act in 2006. This means that the Garda can stop any driver at a checkpoint and test their breath for alcohol content. The result of this test is available almost immediately. If the result shows that you are over the legal limit you will receive a summons from the Garda to appear in District Court to answer to the charge of drink driving. If you have been arrested for drink driving, you are obliged to attend the local Garda Station, and, you should request to speak to a Solicitor at this point as all convictions for drink driving carry a mandatory disqualification from driving.

If you have already been convicted of drink driving, you may want to pursue a drink driving appeal – either to reverse the conviction, or to restore your driving licence early. There are time limits for lodging an appeal so it is important to instruct a drink driving solicitor without delay.

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Other road traffic offences

We provide legal advice in dealing with all areas of road traffic law. Our aim is not only to defend motoring prosecutions but also to minimise the severity financial penalties and periods of disqualification. We provide legal advice in the areas of speeding, no insurance, tax etc.      


Dangerous Driving Cases      

We have extensive experience in dealing with road traffic offences. Depending on the severity of a charge, we will work with clients to establish the facts and determine the optimum legal route so as to minimise the legal implications for our client.

If you get a summons or are charged with dangerous driving, our Criminal Law Specialist can provide legal representation for the legal charges that may be imposed upon you.


Commercial Traffic Offences 

 We advise and represent individuals, sole traders and companies on the law relating to road haulage, including overweight vehicles, breaches of regulations for signage, incorrect rate of tax on trucks, and all other associated offences.